Drinks Dispense

Our dedicated BDD team includes 93 technicians, including 7 senior technicians.

This team is ready to undertake over 20000 installs, which equates to a total annual installation of 30000 new taps. They attend 70000 service calls, ensuring your taps are pouring all year round.

Our planning team is now formed of 10 planners who work across 7 regional areas, and we have 2 dedicated project planners who will ensure smooth project implementation every time.

The Process

A guided tour through our simple 7 step process for installation.

Step 1

Budweiser rep makes contact with the venue owner to agree on a new brand.

Step 2

The rep will then log the specific install details on the Job Logic system.

Step 3

Our drinks dispense planner books in a suitable date for survey and/or install.

Step 4

Our drinks dispense technician attends survey and/or install at the agreed time.

Step 5

Agreed install takes place and a quality check is completed on all other brands.

Step 6

1 x box of glassware is provided by the technician for brands by the sales rep.

Step 7

A customer satisfaction survey will complete the technician’s site visit.

Our contact telephone number remains the same, please call us on:

08457 100600

For any service queries, relating to breakdowns or installs, please email us on:


Drinks Dispense

BBG Drinks Dispense

All the tools and training for the perfect pour.

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