Hells & Pale Ale


Pale has the highest draught ROS in craft pale ale.*


We command the highest average price per pint.**


We're the fastest growing craft pale ale (+58% YOY).***

Brand Info

In 2010, our founder, Jasper Cuppaidge, started Camden because he wanted beer to be better. For people to fall in love with beer again, and love it for the right reasons; the appreciation of drinking clean, crisp, fresh beer. So, what do we mean by better? We use the best possible ingredients. Brewed the right way which means, no shortcuts! Served FRESH. Served better.

We love Lager. Love it. And at Camden Town Brewery, we are best known for our Hells Lager. Hells is the lovechild of our two favourite German beer styles - Hells and Pilsner. Clean, crisp and dry, It's the beer we always wanted to drink and the reason we started our brewery. 

WE CARE. A LOT. Passionate professionals monitor every element of our beer. Every recipe is constructed with precise care to ensure you get the freshest beer possible. We make great beer for everyone. It’s that simple.

Reasons to Pour

  • Camden remains the #1 craft beer in the on trade (Hells #1, Pale #3).

  • Hells has the highest ROS than any other craft brand in the UK.

  • Dual stocking Camden Hells and Pale delivers +30% uplift in ROS.

  • At Camden Town Brewery, we run a Beer School for our valued trade customers where you can come along, do tastings with our teams and learn more about our beers.


  • Trial driving activity to support our on trade partners during big sporting events.

  • Camden Shouts - our team will turn up with a keg, do a small intro and then offer everyone a beer (ON US!) until the keg runs dry!

  • Best in class POCM and outdoor execution.

  • We'll be launching our fresh beer finder, putting pubs on the map and pushing consumers to them by highlighting their fresh beer credentials. Our dispense team will support keg set up and ensure the freshest Camden taps.

  • Camden Town Brewery is the official beer partner of Arsenal.

Available Point of Sale

*subject to allocation and availability

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