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Leffe, as we know it today, was born 8 centuries ago in 1240, the year that the Abbey monks first brewed beer. In those days, when water was unsafe to drink, our beer wasn’t just a pleasure, but a vital public good: pure, nutritious and delicious.

To this day, we retain a deep a connection to the Abbey, regularly meeting the Fathers of the Abbey to develop the brand’s future: united by the spirit of hospitality that defines us. Which is why our purpose is as clear now as it’s ever been: Leffe inspires and embodies generosity.

Reasons to Pour

  • #1 specialty beer in the UK and Europe.
  • Brewed with ingredients of 100% Natural Origin.
  • Commands a higher ave price per pint than Peroni and 16% higher than Craft.
  • Belgian blonde ale with subtle notes of vanilla and clove.
  • Served in an iconic chalice.


  • Leffe celebrates a natural association with the meal occasion.
  • Tapping into key consumer trends of premiumisation and excitement for new tasting experiences.

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