The Unfiltered

Introducing a truly unique reward programme

The Unfiltered Collective brings Stella Artois Unfiltered to life in the trade, harnessing the power of the collective. 

We’ve designed a unique platform for an undeniably unique beer to elevate every step of the experience for you and your guests, helping you to drive your sales.

Whether you’re a landlord, a manager or you work with the bar, table service or kitchen crew, you can be part of the Unfiltered Collective.

From brewmaster to bartender, we believe that teamwork is at the heart of delivering a delicious drinking experience.

Harness the power of the Collective

So why join? What’s the benefit in being part of the Unfiltered Collective? 

You’ll gain access to comprehensive suite of support tools, including:

  • Informative follow-up newsletters.
  • Prize giveaways: community events, O2 tickets, exclusive merch.
  • Easy access to brand support, training and POCM catalogue.
  • Involvement in a wider online community.

For loyal Stella Artois Unfiltered sellers and servers, this platform is for you. 

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