Loved in Spain, Renowned Worldwide


Best selling
Mahou is the #1 best selling beer in Spain, an icon of Spanish culture and lifestyle.


Strong share gain
For an outlet with up to 4 different SP world lager brands. 


More spend
Mahou consumers drink +12% more than world lager consumers and spend +14%.

Brand Info

Mahou was born in Madrid in 1890, where we still brew our beer to this very day. It's best described as a five star taste premium lager brewed with the finest hops and yeast varieties that lend themselves to its characteristic body, moderate bitterness and intense but refreshing taste.

At Mahou, we celebrate:

  • Genuine heritage: 7 generations of passion and know-how developed over 130 years.
  • Superior quality: The careful selection of natural ingredients and attention to the brewing process.
  • A unique pour: Mahou's perfectly served "cañas" are an icon of the Spanish lifestyle.  


Reasons to Pour

  • Mahou is Spain’s best selling beer brand.
  • It's the world's most awarded Spanish Lager +70.7% value rate of sale growth
  • Mahou is a well-known brand by 5 out of 10 UK consumers.
  • The cold, refreshing beer perfectly complements the rich, exciting flavours in every unplanned "tapas" gathering or social meal occasion.
  • Mahou is the key ingredient that brings friends and family together for Spanish moments you can truly savour.


Maestria (Draught Masters) is Mahou's exclusive training programme designed to teach and recognise the authentic art of the Mahou perfect pour.

Mastering the pour of the most awarded Spanish beer is an art dating back 130 years and now our customers will be the stars of this show!

They will follow the footsteps of our previous Mahou stars and make every pour a performance to remember.

Consumers will enjoy the real Five Start Taste of Spain until the very last drop.

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