We know how tough the last few years have been with rising costs and dwindling footfall. It's been nothing short of brutal.

To continue to support you in the way we did with Stella Tips and Stella Please, we’ve created a campaign with a difference.

A campaign with crunch.

A campaign that’ll bring customer back and drive sales.

Introducing… Crisps Artois.

How does it work?

- Sign up to reserve your crisps, they’re free!
- Get your POCM kit worth £400 and set up your display.
- Encourage your customers to purchase 2 pints of Stella Artois and receive a free packet of our (utterly delicious) limited edition Smoked Salt and Black Garlic crisps.
- They can scan the QR code on the packet and POCM to donate to Hospitality Action. We'll match all of your customer's donations up to £60k.

You’ll also benefit from geotargeting to the value of £75. What’s geotargeting? Targeted adverts to your customers from official Stella Artois social media pages driving them directly to your venue.

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What's in the kit?

To encourage engagement and generous donations to Hospitality Action, we've put together a free POCM kit with your crisps valued at £400:

  • Crisp clip strips
  • Crisp displays
  • Consumer facing and trade posters
  • Coasters
  • A5 table talkers
  • Staff engagement material
  • T-shirts

The tools you need to drive footfall, increase dwell-time and boost sales.

Reserve your kit

I'm in! How do I sign up?

Register your interest below where you'll be asked to complete a form to confirm a few details about your venue, including whether you're:

  • Independent free trade
  • Leased and Tenanted, or
  • Managed.

We'll take it from there.

Get your FREE point-of-sale kit, allocation of crisps, and exclusive social media assets to participate in Crisps Artois.

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Free Social Media Assets

We've put together a series of social media assets that you can download to drive engagement and promote Crisps Artois to your customers. 

Download your social media assets

All you need to know about Crisps Artois

When will my POS kit and crisps be delivered?

Your POS kit and crisps will be dispatched on the 19th of June via DPD. You will need to confirm your address with DPD to ensure you receive it and once you do this, it'll be with you within a few days.

Why is it so important to input my correct address and contact details?

If you don't input the correct address/contact details so DPD can reach out to you for a pre-delivery confirmation, you won't receive your POS kit. The reason a confirmation is required is because the value of your kit exceeds £400.

I've run out of crisps! Will I be able to get more?

Absolutely, we'll dispatch a second round of crisps (subject to stock availability) to venues: 1 -  Who receive donations to Hospitality Action from their customers (we measure the frequency not the value). 2 - Who report to us via ThePubClub contact form below that they're out and share execution images with us of how they're fully engaging in the campaign. 3 - Whose customers scan the QR codes on the POCM in venue to report that they've run out.

How is Crisps Artois going to drive footfall to my venue?

1) By using geotargeting advertising. 2) With a massive investment in consumer-facing social media promotions with celebrity influencers to drive awareness and create excitement about the campaign. 3) By providing your customers with access to exclusive, delicious crisps that are only available at your venue.

Why are these crisps so special?

Brewing beer is an age-old art, steeped in tradition. We wanted a flavour that oozes premium whilst nodding to oddly familiar senses. 

Salty, sweet potatoes have been served with Stella Artois for centuries in the form of Frites. We have brought this concept seamlessly into British pub culture with the humble crisp.

There’s a reason salty crisps pair so perfectly with beer in general. The mutual use of magnesium within the brewing process and sourcing of rock salt means there is a sensory link throughout the process. With Stella Artois in particular, Saaz hops provide somewhat earthy-tasting notes that need to be matched but also countered. Black Garlic and the sweet amylase that comes from the potatoes are how we answer this challenge. 

In summary, we have developed this smoked salt and black garlic flavour with experts in the kitchen, to be the perfect pair with Stella Artois…

…And, it is delicious.

How is this campaign supporting the people who pour our pints?

We know that the trade is in a time of need. We want to support you by driving footfall into your pubs and increasing ROS on beer whilst spreading awareness and providing a platform to facilitate true change. We believe it’s important for people to know who the donations are going to, so each pack of Crisps Artois will have a QR code on the back, driving consumers straight to Hospitality Action’s site. Here they can donate and read about those who are benefitting.

Any More Questions?

If you have any other questions about the Crisps Artois campaign or about pouring Stella Artois at your venue - or if there's literally anything else that you need support with, please complete the form below and we'll get back to you asap.