Germany's Largest Export Beer


Beck's is made from 3 natural ingredients.


Higher brand desirability vs Amstel at 2.5 and Coors Light at 2.3.


Margin higher RSP of £4.16 vs Amstel at £4.14.


Beck’s was founded on the 27th of June 1873 by three entrepreneurs in Bremen, Germany. Luder Rutenberg, a builder, Thomas May, a businessman and Henrich Beck, a master brewer from Bremen all shared a vision for creating exceptional beer from only the finest ingredients. The Beck’s Key is inspired by the Bremen Coat of Arms, as the key is the symbol of Bremen. Beck’s is the first and largest German export beer.

Brand Values

The Beck’s consumer is 45-54 years old and seeks a quality beer option at an affordable price.


Beck’s is a true German pilsner, full of character with a distinctive aroma and dry finish. Beck’s is brewed with only three natural ingredients - hops, barley malt and water. These ingredients make up Beck’s distinctively pure taste - a quality beer option at an affordable price.

Available Point of Sale

*subject to allocation and availability

Source: Savvy Marketing Shopper Panel May 2018. ABI UK Kantar Brand Guidelines Study FY 2019 vs. FY 2018 among 18-64YO past 4 week beer drinkers. CGA Data Dec 2019.

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