Perfect Serve

Introducing PERFECT SERVE by Stella Artois.

The PERFECT SERVE campaign will ensure that your customers are getting a perfectly poured Stella Artois and Stella Artois Unfiltered, every time.

Customers rate their pint poured at your venue, and then get cashback to enjoy their next pint on us.

The PERFECT SERVE campaign drives not only quality, but also drives footfall and revenue for your venue.

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How does it work?

  • Footfall driving ads: direct customers to their nearest participating pub.
  • Perfect Serve map: allows customers to locate a venue. 
  • In-venue POCM: encourages customers to scan the QR code/NFC when they buy a pint of Stella Artois or Stella Artois Unfiltered.
  • Pouring video: invites customers to watch a demo of the perfect serve.
  • Rate your serve: customers rate their serve.
  • Claim second serve: after inputting their email, customers can claim their cashback via Zappit to enjoy their next pint for free.

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What's in it for you?

  • All year round platform with seasonal pulse points to keep the campaign relevant.
  • BBG ad campaign and social assets to drive footfall to your venue.
  • Footfall driving ads to drive local traffic to your venue.
  • PERFECT SERVE POCM to promote the activation (coasters, posters, table talkers, bar runners and skimmers).
  • Additional visibility and marketing support for highest rated accounts.
  • With the PERFECT SERVE there is always a reason for customers to visit.

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How to pour the PERFECT SERVE

1. The Pour: Pour at 45° and allow the foam to spill over the top of the Chalice. This gives your customers a visual cue that the pint is topped all the way up.

2. The Skim: Use the skimmer to slice the excess foam off the top. This creates a smooth foam barrier that locks in the CO2 bubbles that gives Stella Artois its distinctive fresh flavour.

3. The Presentation: Present your perfect pint of Stella Artois and reinforce its legacy.

Check out our video below on how to pour the PERFECT SERVE.

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Register your interest for the PERFECT SERVE

Do you want to be part of our PERFECT SERVE campaign? Enter your details below, and let us know whether you're currently pouring Stella Artois or Stella Artois Unfiltered on draught - or if you're not and would like to be. Also confirm if you're a managed, leased or Independent Free Trade venue.